Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Low Level Starter Cash

As I mentioned yesterday, it was time to start over on a new server with nothing except a trusty axe at my side. I am now Markcolol on Kel'thuzad, and here is my first scan of the auction house!

My addons are probably a few too many, but I'm working with auctioneer, auctionator, skillet, little sparky's workshop, kevtool, quick auctions 3, postal, and bankstack. Those come with a slew of backup addons as well, but they all kind of work quietly in the background.

Anyone who is new to addons, especially auctioneer addons, here's a tip when you're doing your scans:

They take a long time, so put your game in windowed mode and leave it open behind whatever you're working on. When you mouse over your game icon on the toolbar you should be able to see an image that is moving. If you minimize the game and do the same, the game will freeze and auctioneer will not continue scanning!

Before starting auctioneer up and all the addon goodness, I went back to basics in order to get some starter cash.

  • Level to 10
  • Boar Meat from Boars Outside Orgrimmar
  • Skin Boars
  • Bought Dust, Copper Rod, and Wood from Vendors to Flip
  • Started Fishing
  • Sold Scorpion Stingers, Linen Cloth, and Boar Meat from Initially Leveling
  • Learned Enchanting (So I can disenchant on the auction house)

We'll see how much starter cash I end up with after my first play session. I'm hoping for some quick money and I'm undercutting the competition pretty heavily.

On my main server, which is quite dead, I have every profession near maxed but nothing to do with them because there are so few buyers. I used to tell people that their server wasn't really dead when they complained, but now that I'm on such a place I feel bad!

Bear with me as I get caught up on what has happened to WoW these past few years. I'll have some strategies focused on flipping and addons until I get more acquainted with the new systems. I should be able to figure out a few methods even if I don't necessarily have any buyers on my own server. OH, and WTH BLIZZARD, I have to type "/cast enchanting" and "/cast disenchanting" because my profession tab doesn't open up with a button. Maybe it's my addons. Anyways I made them macros so that I don't have to actually type that each time.

If I REALLY need cash fast, and I am feeling super pathetic, I can create a death knight and go run low level dungeons for cloth. Wool especially. Ahhhh memories...

Here's a screenshot of some nice fellow who started randomly one shoting monsters for me. Helped with getting the gold a little faster!

Thanks Fluxed!


  1. I just created a new character I'm going to try to follow your steps as you post em! :D

  2. More tips coming that's for sure, and I bet you'll teach me a thing or two as well :)

  3. Levelling Mining is a very good money maker for a low lvl character. Copper Ore sell usually very fast and for a considerable amount of money :) Also when you mine you can find Gems which also sell well.