Monday, April 15, 2013

Communicate and Disenchant

I made another 24 gold just from what I could afford to disenchant Friday of last week. I only had 11 gold to invest, and I turned it into 24 gold while asleep the night prior. Sorry, I have been sticking to the one post per day format so a lot of my posts regarding my adventures on Arthas are lagging behind real time events. Which is probably a good thing, because someone could easily sabotage my poor little orc auctioneer if they knew my strategies as I was using them.

Level 15 items have some great disenchant rates, and you can start disenchanting them from level 1 of enchanting, making them a great gold maker for my solo auctioneer who's still only level 8. Barely old enough to fend off the boars outside Orgrimmar!

So like I was saying, disenchanting is great, and it works throughout the game at various levels. You just have to put a little time into researching different markets and you'll be making a killing in no time.

But there's another trick you can do, besides buying tons of belts like I did in the screenshot above. You can do this:

On the left side of the screen you see me buying out all the belts that Hexness posted on the auction house for 3 gold each. I then messaged him or her and asked that they send me some more goodies to disenchant. The results of the items I purchased will hopefully net me around 90 gold. Not bad for a 24 gold investment. I have to see how quickly greater versus lesser essences sell, because that might be an opportunity for buying up greaters and breaking them up or buying lessers and combining them for a profit.

On a side note, selling dusts should be done in one of two ways:

1 for X gold
20 for 20X gold - discount

That's generally how they are sold. So if X = 4 gold, then I will sell 1 for 4 gold or 20 for 70 gold. There's a lot of theory behind that to explain the direct thought process of a buyer, but I'll get to that another time.

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