Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life on Arthas and the New WoW Economy

I was pretty dumb yesterday and wrote that my new banking toon lived on the Kel'thuzad server. No, that's where my old bank alt used to live last time I tried "making as much gold as possible on a new server." Sorry about that, I'm actually on Arthas if you've tried to reach my character, Markcolol, already. (I like messages and mail!)

Let's look at my sales so far as the first ones just came back to me today!

First, we have Strange Dust from the Enchanting Trainer. Thank you Mr. Bloodelf for your cheap dusts!

Those dusts cost me 21 silver to purchase (3 for 7 silver-ish each). On the auction house they were listed as 1-1.75 gold each. Why did I undercut so heavily? Because I'm freaking making 54 silver on a 21 silver investment! What's the point in undercutting by one copper and potentially wasting even more of my very precious initial money (just 30 silver total from questing and vendoring!) when it doesn't sell right away. Btw, I was seriously not ready for the 1 silver minimum deposit per item. After I bought and relisted 5 auctions I was out of money!

EDIT: I went back and did the enchanting trick again before logging out. It will potentially net me another gold or two.

Time for some linen cloth, fresh off the backs of Alliance scoundrels in Durotar:

While this wasn't acquired directly from the auction house, it was a nice boost to my income. Now that I actually have more than a gold to play with, I can place a bunch of bids and hopefully come up with a much bigger profit tomorrow. I will continue to purchase items super cheap and sell them for normal or even lower prices.

I call that bid low, sell normal, and perhaps I'll write something up on that in the near future, for those of you who don't really know me quite yet. By the end of the night I flipped a handful of items, but its' going to be tough until I have around 10-20 gold. Probably will by tomorrow if all these new auctions sell.

Another lesson learned from a single day of trading: 12 hours is the way to go for all my auctions. Especially since a lot of other auctioneer users will see my low prices and put bids down when the deals are about to close. Like this guy:

Not bad, when that finishes I'll have close to 10 gold from my starting like 30 silver.


  1. Your methods are extremely out dated. Maybe spend some time visiting a few of the more upto date gold blogs out there.

    Go start fishing at the Darkmoon Faire and do some daily quests/darkmoon faire games for a start while it's currently going.

    1. I do not descriminate based on age! Thanks for the fishing tip. I am currently fishing while in between ah hunting. My farming is pretty much done, however, as I will be switching to only flipping soon. This character is also remaining at level 8 for now.

      Profession strategies and farming will wait until after this new toon has amassed a small fortune. Ill go back to my old server with every profession then.

      I am catching up on the blogs, I'm happy to see a lot of new faces. Good sign.

  2. Oh man. Super Nostalgia. Some of my favorite money makers are low level mats. I was telling people about the circle you can make in Westfield. AOE damage the groups of knolls, run around in an infinite circle collecting linen cloth and strange dust... He didn't think that it would work in the current version. I wonder...

  3. Do you think that now you've revealed your bank toon that people are going to be more aware of the transactions you do on the server? At one point you were very popular in your techniques (still are in some minds) so I'm curious if you will see people raising their game on the server since you are there?

    Welcome back to the Wow Goblin gold search.