Saturday, April 13, 2013

Disenchanting for Gold

I took the money I've made so far and invested it into armor/weapons below level 10 that I could disenchant for a profit. Remember, I'm not leveling this toon, but having a base disenchanting skill enables me to still make money from the profession. Pretty good money actually. I purchased 5 items for around 10 gold and disenchanted them into 9 dusts. I sold those dusts for around 50% market value at 20 gold total, which will double my investment before ah fees.

Why do I undercut so heavily? Because I want to sell to both normal buyers as well as bidders and snipers. A LOT of my enchanting auctions are being bid on, so I try to use the 12 hour option to appeal to those players as quickly as possible. See my Diablo 3 video explaining this strategy for both wow and D3.

Hopefully I'm not moving too slow for your tastes on this new toon. Regarding my old characters now living on a dead server, I was able to make good money buying Thorium Ore and prospecting it into Azerothian Diamonds and assorted gems. Still looking for ways to make gold as I try to level Markco to 90. It's amazing how little time I have working on three blogs at once, finishing up therapy for my back/elbow, and still working a full time job. But I'm having a lot of fun, and I am actually going to be jumping on a few podcasts in the coming week or so. Those will be fun as well.

Hope you're enjoying my presence in the wow community once more, my apologies for taking so long to get back into it! You all definitely played a role in your way getting me back!

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