Monday, April 8, 2013

Bring Out Your Dead Server

Long ago, but not so long that I can't remember, there were epic battles in Stormwind city, with alliance priests mind controlling me in order to keep me alive against dozens of players. Stacked in pvp gear with massive amounts of resilience, I'd slaughter them long enough for my two friends (Jhaman and Thunderer) to come to the rescue. I distinctly remember calling both of them on the phone and telling them to log in so they could come help me in Stormwind. Those, were the days.

Gladiators decimating Stormwind while guards helplessly pecked away at us.

Going into Battelgrounds and dominating every flag cap, every capture, and taking on whole teams with just the three of us in order to win games.

But my friends have long quit wow, and my server has gone dark. Looking at the auction house, there are 18 netherweave bags. There is one person selling glyphs. I did an auctioneer getall scan in about 15 seconds. Dead is the only accurate description for my once thriving server. I would be surprised if there was one guild still fully functioning.

So what do I do with my two million gold? What about my huge inventory of glyphs, ore, leather, cloth, etc? Or how about the entire army of alts with 500+ level professions but nobody to sell to!? I could transfer I guess, but that's such a waste of money.

What a shame too, since all those alts, gold, and inventory of items could do some serious damage on another, more popular server. I mean I'm all for a challenge, but I literally could RUN this server's auction house and the profit would trickle in due to the low number of players.

I came up with something else, something I've actually done in the past.

I'm going to start a new character on a random server, with no support, and get to X gold. I'll record my auction house sessions, track my progress here, and hopefully teach a few people how to improve their game.

What do you think? If you like my plan, what race/class should I be as a banker? Which server should I play on that isn't dead? Also, how much gold should I shoot for in how many days?

Good Luck and Have Fun!



  1. if your gonna stick with horde, gobbo since you can summon you bank to you and get cheep vendor mats if you need them.

    not sure which server is any more alive than any other, since i only play on one!

    as for the gold as much as you can get.

    i joined in with johnethan kenis (typo maybe) gold speed run number 3 or 4 can't member which and i made 50K in 30 days but the top guys on that run made 250K i think. He has run two or three more since then so i think the amount you can get in 30 days should be fairly enormous.

    or you could do a proving point of your 20K leveling guide! I did this on my panda alt only giving it 4 bags and some BoA gear then made it AH all of its stuff with nice results


  2. I'm quite interested in your blog because I have returned to WOW recently. I was making a lot of gold when I played, and I can share several good tactics on how to make money at high population realms only playing AH, without botting (I mean 3-10 k gold per day). Considering your questions, I can't help you here. Race/class doesn't matter really, and as I play on Eu i do not know which realms are good.

  3. I couldn't tell you what server to play on (mine is dead as well)but, your bank toon should be a Undead Monk. :) As for gold I'm not sure. I just cant wait for your guides again!

  4. Thanks so much for the comments already! Ill take the ideas to heart and get to work!

  5. Why are you using a new site, would be fine to use. Definately go with a goblin, the bank and cheap sales is nice. Realm, good luck bro, i think there all pretty much dead.

    1. Because I sold the old one years ago when I quit wow.

    2. Well just so you know Markco, I've been reading your blogs and site tips for a long time. Just to give you a heads up WoW has changed a lot. I really think the time of "being broke" in wow has passed. They raised the amount of money you get from questing alone by a lot. Blizzard made it that you no longer have to buy skills, and the flying skills are so cheap now. If you level a toon from 1 to 90 nowadays you will have more gold then you know what to do with. They also made it that mounts are now bound to account. So if you have the big mammoth mount all your characters have it and you can now ride it at level 20. Theres a new 120,000 gold mount tho.

      Some guides and blogs would be nice, but I just thought I would let ya kno. If you come back to wow get your gladiator again, do some raids. Have fun with it, cause the auction house game isn't fun anymore if you know what I mean.

    3. Thanks man! I dunno if I'm going to create a super crazy guide or anything this time around, but I really want to experience the new auction house. Perhaps there is a new "broke", as with every expansion. It used to be that 10 gold was rich when the game first came out and most people stayed around a few silver.

      I'll take your word on it though and won't get my hopes too high. I really want to help people again!