Thursday, April 11, 2013

10 Gold The Next Day

I think this screenshot says it all...

So I'm up to 10 gold as of writing this (made 4-ish gold during the first session after taking my 30 silver from leveling and investing it into flipping vendor items). I'm very excited to turn this into a lot more!

For today's tip, Copper rods are easy gold. I sold two of them for a gold and a half each, while my competition was trying to sell them for like 25 gold.

Please remember that this is an exercise in fun, not a race or a show of gold making force. It's a good way for me to slowly ease my way back into the auction house, on a server that's not freaking dead.

Several commenters said they were going to try what I'm doing here, so please share your stories and how it's going for you!

I think that I will try my luck at Transmogging low level items next, but we'll see what comes up from running auctioneer for deals first.

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