Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easy Guide to Auction House in WoW

TSM is a brilliant addon that I once covered back when it first was released. But now it is far better, and here today I have an email from a reader name Jeff who reveals most of the basics required to get started with TSM.

"Auctioneer is kinda a thing in the past now marcko. The cool thing about wow is blizzard now releases the auction house data and theres a site you can go to and look at average prices and whatnot

that link shows you the addon, you can read about it.

there is also a desk top application you can get too at the main site

this is the cool thing. http://www.wowuction.com is a website that shows actual auction house sales on all servers, you can take a look at your server directly and see whats selling and whats not, it also lets you know what mats you can buy off the auction house and what you can make with them and make a profit.

Now this is the even cooler thing, you can link your desktop application with the site to your wow folder, and it will automatically search the website, and put the info into your auction house info so you will never need to scan the auction house again.
TSM also helps with professions, like itll disenchant gear, herbs, ore and so forth.
Now also another thing about wowuction.com is someone made a excel datasheet of the old saronite shuffle you use to do, but this time with the new Pandaria ore. the link is

But its not just ore too.
Also, remember back in WoTLK you would do dungeons for justice points, well in MoP you still do dungeons, but you get points for doing dailies. in MoP its called Valor, and to spend Valor you still have to raise your rep with factions. there are no Valor items sold on anyone, you need to get rep. im looking for an addon that can help track that but I cant find one, just a heads up if you find one, your readers could benefit."

Thanks Jeff, you've helped me out tremendously, and maybe even some people reading who didn't know about all this. I'll have to do some research and get caught up! (been doing a lot of that lately!)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Driving the Economy #4: Stuck in Traffic

Stuck in traffic on the auction house? Hosed by under cutters? This should help...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Upgrading Addons

I'm currently looking into TradeSkillMaster (TSM), which is something I covered a long time ago in a previous blog, but now it has grown much more powerful since then. I hope to have a comprehensive guide to the tool as I learn to implement it at the moment.

This is really tough writing for the blog while trying to level Markco up, but I will do my best!

Almost finished the first level and I even started to level his Blacksmithing as well. I like the way they have streamlined character abilities and reduced the number of buttons, but I definitely miss some of the sick Prot Warrior PvP combinations you can no longer do. Who knows if I will stick to that method of play, but it will be fun trying to make it work again. I just hope I don't need to PvE... ugh bad memories.

What did you like about the Pandaren expansions? Did you play Pokemon a lot? Haven't tried it yet personally... is it worth it?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Auctioneer Helping Everyone But You

I swear that certain parts of auctioneer seem to be designed to help everyone but you! When posting an auction, many times the buy out price will undercut your competition correctly, but the bid price will be close to 0. What that does is create an opportunity for a loss! I would love if Auctioneer set your bid price to 15% higher than whatever you originally paid for the item (if possible), or else they just made your bid price equal to your buyout (in that case only, as you would be taking a loss already).

Be vigilant when posting auctions, and always check the information Auctioneer provides to you!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Know It Alls

Human beings, by their very nature, cannot know everything. In fact, we can't even grasp the concept of everything or nothing. These extremes are impossible to truly comprehend, and unfortunately that's just our biology getting in the way. If you think you "Know It All" about making gold in WoW or any other game for that matter, think again. The more time you put into learning the more you will find that you didn't know.

Even after a decade of blogging, exploring, probing for new ideas, seeking new communities, etc, I find a new tip or two almost every single day.

Keep your eyes open and do not get into a habbit of doing the same auction house methods over and over again. Yes, you should have some kind of routine, but be sure to include time where you just explore for new ideas.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Driving Economy #3: Patch Notes and Masses

Where do the masses get their information about the economy? Usually the same sites sending them patch notes! Take advantage of this fact and drive on the right side of the economic highway.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Too Easy to Make Gold?

I'm finding it incredibly easy to make gold in WoW, even if it's just using auctioneer's basic tricks to get the job done. I haven't yet gotten to the point where I can flip the truly expensive stuff, but I am making a consistent amount of money playing 5 minutes per day! I've been sick with the flu, or whatever this is, yet I've still managed to pull in decent amounts of money. Here's a quick screenshot summing up the past three visits to the auction house I've had while ill, as well as some items I'm currently selling that I picked up on bids:

Not too bad, but not exponential either. I blame that on my time limitation at the moment, as I am basically just hitting auctioneer scan, walking away, coming back and bidding on a few dozen things before logging off. Enchanting is really freaking easy money, even on a level 8 character, and the bids I've won have gotten me items worth upwards of 1000% the invested value.

Current gold count only looking into liquid money at the moment:

That doesn't include gold stuck in the auction house on bids or actual auctions. I'll have some more to talk about as I discover new markets to play! Glyphs are freaking dead by the way, they don't sell at all on my main's server where I have a max level glypher. Any other markets you've found are complete duds so I don't waste my time on them?